Our Story

Thank you for reading this. I was born and brought up in a small remote Indian village. I've  been in the USA for quite sometime (15+ years). Even during my stay in the USA, we always use stuff especially spices which are made in traditional way in my village. Once we ran out of chilli powder, so we got to buy it from local convenience store. Even though it has fancy package the product inside is ~20-30% match to the village traditional product in terms of color, flavor, aroma and quality.

Families who are away from India and most families living in urban cities of India don't have access to these traditional products. Buying  these from big marts, which are made in automated machines through high temperatures makes the products lose their nutrients, vitamins and original rich flavor on top lot of adulterated products which we can't differentiate during purchase from outside general market.

Thinking in the same line, we decided to try to make these missing traditional village products and make them available to those who don't have access to these with very competitive price directly to you by avoiding any middleman. Also trying to empower and provide employment to people living in the villages.

  • 100% Natural & No  Chemicals or Artificial Flavors.
  • Transparency end to end and  Live video of making process.
  • Open Customer access to production site anytime will produce product in front of you.

Request you to try these and you know the difference of how much we are missing these in our daily life. We guarantee that you love it. In any case if not we'll refund your money, no questions asked.